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In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? In my opinion, neighbors are not just the people who live near us. In fact, they are often one of the unseen factors that can control your life.

Depending on how good or bad your neighbors are, your life in a certain area can be terrific or terrible. Therefore, having good neighbors is very important. But what makes a good neighbor?


Good neighbors should be able to form and maintain healthy relationships with other neighbors. Or, she might do something big, like help you get through the sadness of a funeral.

A neighbor can be as close as a good friend, or more like a distant acquaintance. Either way, a good neighbor is someone who respects you and supports you as he can. We should all be lucky enough to have good neighbors. Do you support or oppose this plan? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. II can see both advantages and disadvantages to having a new restaurant built in our neighborhood.

Flamarion Lopes

I believe, however, that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. A new restaurant would bring more traffic problems to the area. In addition, it could attract undesirable people. Most of all, I think there are other types of business that would be more benrificial to the neighborhood. Traffic congestion is already a problem in our neighborhood. Our streets are too narrow for the traffic we have now.


A new restaurant would just bring more traffic. In addition, it is difficult tofind parking on our streets, especially on weekend evenings. Unless it had its own parking lot, a new restaurant would make it even harder for residents tofind places topark their cars. I'm also concerned about the type ofpatrons the new restaurant would bring into our neighborhood. If the restaurant serves drinks and has dancing, there could be problems. The restaurant would stay open late and people leaving the restaurant might be drunk. They could be noisy too. This is not the kind of thing I want to see in my neighborhood.

We already have a restaurant and a couple of coffee shops. But we don't have a book- store or a pharmacy, and we have only one small grocery store. I would prefer to see one of these businesses established here rather than another restaurant. Anyone of them would be more ttstful to the residents and would maintain the quiet atmosphere of our streets. A new restaurant could disrupt the quiet lifestyle of our neighborhood.

It might bring jobs, but it would also bring traffic and noise, and it would use space that might be better used for another type of business. This is why I would oppose a plan for a new restaurant.

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Most people can learn to do something simple on their own with just a set of instructions. However, to learn about something more complex, it's always best to have a teacher. Teachers help you find the way you learn best. They help you stay focused on what you're learning.

They provide you with a wider range of information than you might find on your own. In short, teachers provide you with a lot more support and knowledge than you can usually get by yourself. Teachers can help students learn in the way that is bestfor each student because teachers understand that different people have different learning styles. For example, some students learn better by discussing a topic. Others learn more by writing about it. A teacher can help you follow your learning style, while a book can give you only one way of learning something.

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Teachers help you focus on what you are learning. They can help keep you from becoming distracted. They can show you the most important points in a lesson that you have to understand. Teachers bring their own knowledge and understanding of the topic to the lesson. A book presents you with certain iriformation, and the teacher can add more. The teacher might also have a different point of view from the book, and can provide other sources of iriformation and ideas, as well.

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There is nothing wrong with studying on your own.

toefl essay good neighbor Toefl essay good neighbor
toefl essay good neighbor Toefl essay good neighbor
toefl essay good neighbor Toefl essay good neighbor
toefl essay good neighbor Toefl essay good neighbor
toefl essay good neighbor Toefl essay good neighbor

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