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Creating an outline for writing reports and proposals can save you time and effort. By Maria Pantalone.

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Do you find it difficult to begin the writing process for your business documents, especially reports or proposals? In any or all of these scenarios, an outline can save you time and can help you to become clear on the essential components of your document. An outline is the skeleton of the document — it shows you what you should write and at what point.

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Follow these four steps to create an outline for your document. A good outline gives you something to follow during the report writing process, breaking the task into manageable parts and ensuring no information is left out. Want more articles like this? Check out the business writing section.

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Brainstorm all that you know about the relevant aspects of your proposal or business report, focusing on the who, why and when:. Connect the relevant points to the key result that you wrote at the beginning of the brainstorming process.

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Expand on the ideas, becoming more specific where possible. Now is the time to prioritise. Think about your reader and what should come first from their point of view.

Number the key points in order of importance. The end result is an outline for a business report, the executive summary of a proposal or an outline for a complete letter proposal. You can repeat the process for each section of your document as necessary.

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Depending on your document you can then focus on areas such as technical specifications, functional specifications, project plan and cost analysis. Making this a regular part of your business report writing process will help you save time and energy, whilst creating a document that is easy to follow. By producing a document that is easy to understand and that covers the key areas for your reader you are more likely to have your report accepted and followed or your proposal winning you new business.

Do you use an outline for report and proposal writing? What else do you do to make the business report writing process easier? For over a decade Flying Solo has provided stacks of free resources thanks to the support of our sponsors. They should obtain skills to present a project idea shortly and concisely, to develop the different components of a project description, and to draft a project budget.

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  4. The newly generated knowledge should enable the participants to independently write a project proposal, and to identify relevant funding opportunities. At the beginning of the course, seven participants presented their project ideas in a short oral presentation.

    Creating an outline

    Three of these ideas were chosen by the participants to be developed step by step into draft proposals in group work during the course. Basic proposal elements, proposal formats and proposal summary.

    How to Write a Grant Proposal: Step by Step

    Needs assessment, project design frameworks, problem statement, problem justification, project goals and objectives setting, project output and outcomes, project strategy and approaches and project implementation planning. Monitoring and evaluation framework and plan. Organizational frameworks.

    Project Proposal Example

    Elements of a good budget. Importance of quality reporting in a competitive funding environment. Determining suitable reporting for different audiences. Key elements of technical reporting. Monthly progress reports, activity reports, routine reports, field trip reports and meetings reports.

    proposal and report writing Proposal and report writing
    proposal and report writing Proposal and report writing
    proposal and report writing Proposal and report writing
    proposal and report writing Proposal and report writing
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