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The Everest Expedition

Edmund Hillary, a New Zealand mountaineer, and Tenzing Norgay were considered the strongest and best climbers on the team. A final camp was established at 27, feet, just above the South Col, and the two men spent the night of May 28th there. The night was long and they had little oxygen to spare for sleeping. They decided to use it in two shifts, from 9 p.

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From 11 p. Drinking hot, sweet lemonade kept them warm and helped prevent dehydration. When their oxygen supply ran low, at 3 a. Hillary and Tenzing spent a long time warming themselves and preparing their gear. Hillary's boots were frozen and he thawed them over the flame of their small stove. The two also melted ice for drinking water, since dehydration was a danger at this altitude. Far below, in the darkness, they could see the small lights of Tengboche Monastery, where the Buddhist monks would be praying for their safety.

At a. They crawled out of the tent, put on their goggles and oxygen equipment, and headed out into the piercing cold. They walked with difficulty through the crusted snow, heading up toward the ridge above them, where the dawn sun was shining. For weeks, for months, that is all we have done. Look up. And there it is—the top of Everest.

Everest: 60 years since summit

Only it is different now: so near, so close, only a little more than a thousand feet above us. It is no longer just a dream, a high dream in the sky, but a real and solid thing, a thing of rock and snow, that men can climb. We make ready. We will climb it. This time, with God's help, we will climb on to the end. Up on the ridge top, heavy overhangs of snow known as cornices hung from the high point, which at times was as sharp as a knife edge.

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They moved slowly and reached the south summit by 9 a. After checking their oxygen supply, they headed on between cornices and steep drop-offs, and came to a vast slope of snow, which the two previous climbers, Bourdillon and Evans had chosen to avoid. The snow on the steep slope was powdery, too fine to hold an ice axe; if either of them fell, they would have no chance of getting a grip. In addition, a fall could start an avalanche. According to mountaineer Eric Shipton in Mountain Conquest, Hillary later said that he was "tight with fear.

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Later, he said, "It was one of the most dangerous places I have ever been on a mountain. They continued on despite the danger and eventually reached a foot cliff. The team had seen this cliff on aerial photographs, but no one knew if it could be climbed. Conditions were dangerous. Hillary, who was in the lead, wormed his way up through a crack in the face of the cliff. This feature is still known as the "Hillary Step.

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  • Tenzing was right behind him. They continued to move up along the ridge until they passed the last switchback, and they could see clearly the relatively easy slope up to the summit. Then we are on our way again. Climbing again. About a hundred feet below the top we come to the highest bare rocks. There is enough almost level space here for two tents, and I wonder if men will ever camp in this place, so near the summit of the earth. I pick up two small stones and put them in my pocket to bring back to the world below. For many years, no one knew whether Hillary or Tenzing had been the first to reach the summit.

    Both of them simply said that they had ascended together. According to Clark, Tenzing wrote many years later, "A little below the summit Hillary and I stopped. The rope that joined us was thirty feet long, but I held most of it in my hand, so that there was only about six feet between us. I was not thinking of 'first' and 'second.

    And then we were there. Hillary stepped on top first. And I stepped up after him. According to Shipton, Hillary later wrote, "I turned and looked at Tenzing. Even beneath his oxygen mask and the icicles hanging from his hair, I could see his infectious grin of sheer delight.

    I held out my hand, and in silence we shook in good Anglo-Saxon fashion. But this was not enough for Tenzing, and impulsively he threw his arm around my shoulders and we thumped each other on the back in mutual congratulations.

    More about Mount Everest Hillary and Tenzing Contrast Essay

    It was a. Tenzing dug a hole in the snow and put a little food in it as a gift to the mountain gods, and Hillary buried a crucifix that Hunt had given him. They cut seats for themselves in the snow, ate some cake and, after 15 minutes on the summit, headed back down. When they came back down, the expedition's correspondent broke the news to the world that the highest point on earth had been reached.

    Shipton later wrote, "That Tenzing shared this moment of triumph [with Hillary] was a matter of profound satisfaction to all those who had been to Everest. Throughout the great adventure the Sherpas had been our partners; without their courage and staunch loyalty, little would have been achieved. Hunt, Tenzing, and Hillary became instantly famous. Each perspective brings out a sharp contrast in the personality of both of these men. They did share several similarities like a few of the obstacles they had to overcome.

    Two of these obstacles were the navigation of the steep section also known as a crag and the clotting of ice around oxygen equipment. Each of the authors had their own reasons for writing …show more content…. For a few paragraphs he would talk about the climb with a voice filled with awe and respect for the place he was blessed to walk through. He would then talk about a fact that Hillary wrongfully stated like the height of the crag and in one instance where he got into talking about who got to the top first his tone became very annoyed.

    Edmund Hillary

    Why do fame and fortune cause people to lie about their experiences? Each author had his own unique point of view. Although the sections were very different, they did share several similarities like a few of the obstacles they had to overcome. In Hillary's View from the Summit, he exaggerates his version of the climb to gain a bigger name for himself.

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    hillary and norgay essay Hillary and norgay essay

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