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Those at the Control Center in Houston were unsure what had happened. In safe re-entry, there are various issues that need to be considered such as re-entry angle, heat build-up, high g-forces, ionisation black-out and landing on the ground.

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The Apollo spacecraft returning from the moon, the US space shuttle and the Russian Vostok spacecraft are examples of spacecraft which have successfully addressed these issues, and have safely returned to Earth. During the movie Apollo 13, Jim Lovell has a dream that he will walk on the moon.

His dream becomes a reality when is promoted to commander of the Apollo 13 mission to the moon.

Leadership in the Movie Apollo 13

After a series of dangerous events, the crew finds themselves in a struggle to stay alive. Jim and Houston control works around the clock to find a solution to the. Therefore, I will consider the influence of power and rationality on strategic decisions in relation to the resulting outcome.

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  • To start with,. Wells, J. Principles of fraud examination 3rd ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. All electronic materials are available on the student website. Page 5 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats….. Ken Mattingly was originally the one going with the other two astronauts, Jim and Fred, but he had the measles virus in his blood stream so he could not go. Jack Swigert was the one that took his place but Jack only had one day to prepare so out of the three astronauts Jack was the least prepared astronaut going up into space.

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    The second They are 1. Disagreements, 2. Misplaced conflicts, 3. Nonsubstantive conflicts, 4. Substantive conflicts. Disagreements: A disagreement is a mild conflict and usually involves issues that are not necessarily related to the relationship. When the flight surgeon Dr. Chuck predicts that Ken Mattingly one of the three members of the Astronaut team may get serious illness during their expedition, Jim Lovell captain of the team disagree the idea of replacement of Ken with Jack Swigert. After listening to the flight surgeon and NASA director, Jim finally agrees with their decision as it is best for everyone.

    Misplaced conflicts: A misplaced conflict is one in which one or both of the parties fail to recognize the real issue and instead engage someone or something else. In the movie Apollo 13 when the astronauts were stuck in the flight in the space Jack and Fred had a little argument about the re-entry plan. Fred tells Jack this is the only flight Aquarius they got to get back home. It sounds to Jack that he is responsible for the damage of other flight.

    This was America third trip to the moon and Apollo 13 mission was to land in the Fra Mauro area of the moon. Two day before launch Mattingly was scrubbed from the mission after being exposed to measles. He was replaced by Jack Swigert kevin Bacon who only had two days of preparation. Two days into the mission on April 13 Jack Swigert received an order to stir the oxygen tanks.

    Fly me to the moon: The three astronauts who made history

    One of the tanks exploded which caused damage to the fuel cells and the heat shield. This damage made a moon landing impossible and the return trip home a challenge and daunting task.

    The “Successful Failure” That Was Apollo 13 Essay

    There are several kinds of decision making models, among them are rational model, Bounded Rationality, and Intuition. Define the problem 2.

    Ron Howard interview on "Apollo 13" (1995)

    Identify the decision criteria 3. Allocate weights to the criteria 4. Develop the alternative Sign Up. Sign In. Only one would have returned the Apollo 13 crew alive Credit: Nasa. The alternative to the direct approach was to perform one of two forms of rendezvous.

    At one point, Mission Control had only 18 hours to agree on a rescue plan before it was too late for the crew to return safely Credit: Nasa. The Earth orbit rendezvous design did include a separate rocket for retro burn, slowing the craft down as it descended onto the lunar surface. At 56 hours GET this rocket would not yet have been fired, offering the crew a slight advantage — they could use it to speed up their return to Earth.

    The final chosen approach was to travel to the Moon in a small, modular craft, separate while in lunar orbit, come back together again, and then travel back to Earth. Agreeing on a lunar orbit rendezvous approach saved the crew's lives Credit: Nasa. An explosion 56 hours into the mission happened before the command module and lunar module had separated, so the crew were able to use the intact lunar module as a lifeboat with its own power sources, rockets and oxygen supply.

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    • The command module computers were required for a safe re-entry, but without any power these needed to be recharged using the fuel cells in the lunar module — something only possible with a separate craft. As we look to travel to Mars, the likelihood is we will be having the same discussions about approach as the Nasa directors did in the 60s. It is a topic with so many debatable questions that a simple answer at this time is altogether impossible.

      The crew only saw the full extent of the damage to the Service Module after it was jettisoned shortly before re-entry into Earth's atmosphere Credit: Nasa. But using a craft that looks similar to the iconic Apollo vehicles is unlikely.

      essays on apollo 13 decision-making Essays on apollo 13 decision-making
      essays on apollo 13 decision-making Essays on apollo 13 decision-making
      essays on apollo 13 decision-making Essays on apollo 13 decision-making
      essays on apollo 13 decision-making Essays on apollo 13 decision-making
      essays on apollo 13 decision-making Essays on apollo 13 decision-making
      essays on apollo 13 decision-making Essays on apollo 13 decision-making
      essays on apollo 13 decision-making Essays on apollo 13 decision-making

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