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From the start of the first stanza of the poem, the sadness of the speaker is very easy to see. We learn that the reason for his sadness is that he is "in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes". He has neither money, nor honor.

When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes (Sonnet 29)

He cries to himself because he is an outcast in society. He also complains to heaven but his complaints remain unanswered. The imagery of crying and complaining suggest that the speaker is very unhappy with his state.

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The line "And look upon myself and curse my fate" depicts the intensity of unhappiness that the speaker has. That's true, and we talk about it more in our "Form and Meter" section. But w When Shakespeare's sonnets were first published in , they were assigned numbers instead of individual titles Sonnets , to be exact.

Sometimes they're referred to by their first lines, wh Almost all of Uncle Shakespeare's sonnets have what's called a "turn" or a "volta," which is just a fancy schmancy way of saying that there's a big dramatic shift somewhere in the poem. In Sonnet Sure, all Elizabethan writing can seem like a foreign language at first unless you spent your early childhood touring the countryside with a travelling Renaissance Fair.

But don't sweat this poem The first sonnets are addressed to a young man a. Thereis great use of imagery within the sonnet. This is not to say that the rest of the poems in the book were notgood, but this to me was the best, most interesting, and most beautiful of them. It is mainly due to thesimplicity and loveliness of the poem's praise of the beloved woman that it has guaranteed its place in mymind, and heart. The speaker of the poem opens with a question that is addressed to We are analysing a number of different sonnets. We will be analysing sonnet 18, , 55 by William Shakespeare and 'Strugnells sonnet' by Wendy Cope.

Imagery is the 'picture' that is created in a readers mind when reading a piece of writing. The writer uses nature imagery to define his subject to the reader. For example in 18, the imagery is very positive towards the lover. He uses words such as 'Thou art more lovely and more temperate'. He aims to flatter the lover through creating a very positive In this essay I am going to compare and contrast sonnet 19 and 63 focusing on the poets intention and use of language and structure considering the destructive nature of time theme and the effect on the mans beauty.

The Value of Love – An Analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 - WriteWork

Sonnet 19 is about the destructive power of time and in, which is very explicit in this particular sonnet. The sonnet is based upon the personification of time used by Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Sonnet 29

Sonnet 63's theme is again about time and personifies time and performs beauty as an image. His problem is quite clear: he is lonely and depressed. As an outcast of society, he feels unlucky and thinks that there is no hope for him.

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Not even God can help him. Money and riches he does not desire; all he asks for is to be liked by others. Shakespeare offers the solution to his problem in the third and fourth stanza.

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  7. Telling of the man to whom he William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 is part of a group of sonnets Shakespeare wrote that are addressed to a young man of great beauty and promise. In this group of sonnets, the speaker urges the young man to marry and perpetuate his virtues through children, and warns him about the destructive power of time, age, and moral weakness.

    Sonnet 18 focuses on the beauty of the young man, and how beauty fades, but his beauty will not because it will be remembered by everyone who reads this poem. Shakespeare starts the poem with a metaphoric question in line one asking In this Sonnet Shakespeare speaks of his love in a manure not used by most poets. This sonnet isn't all roses and love hearts, his vision of love is more real, he describes his love exactly how she is, flawed.

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    Most poets wouldn't say this about their love, or even describe somebody Sonnet 18This sonnet is by far one of the most interesting poems in the book.

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