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Are there country-specific drivers of child marriage in this country?

And if one were to add the growing incidence of unemployment caused by inflationary pressures, the picture would become starker. Firstly we are facing a population explosion. There are more mouths to feed than there are hands to earn. Ones income is limited; he cannot afford to maintain a large family.

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He works hard and consequently he falls ill and dies. Then his wife steps in works in village, fields or city, homes to bring up her children, this cycle of poverty goes on. Poor remain a poor, the whole of his life. The main cause of poverty in Pakistan lies in the difference between the resources and the population increase. Secondly most of the people in Pakistan are uneducated. They are ill equipped to lead a good life; they do not know the modern methods of farming. They are ignorant to better ways of earning money in the mills and factories with poor knowledge of life.

They cannot increase production in mills and factories. Modern machinery is mostly computerized. An uneducated person cannot understand and operate computer. The result is that the remains poor till the last day of his life. It is very sad that result do not educate the workers.

The workers do not get a chance to earn more money. Thirdly our economic system is based on feudalism. A big landlord keeps the small farmers and workers under his political slavery. In Punjab and Nwfp the same condition exists. The economic condition of the small farmers and workers cannot become better in the presence of feudal lords.

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Fourthly, Pakistan is a country where does not exist any form of social, cultural and economic justice. During its Universal Periodic Review , Pakistan agreed to examine recommendations to make the minimum age of marriage for women and men During its review, the CEDAW Committee raised concerns about the persistence of child marriages and the minimum age of marriage for girls in Pakistan. It also expressed concern about the high number of Pakistani girls belonging to religious minorities who are forced to convert and marry.

Several alliances have been active in advocating for legal reform at the provincial and federal level.

Poverty in pakistan essay

In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, there is a working group on child marriage. Under the Child Marriage Restraint Act the minimum legal age of marriage is 16 years for girls and 18 years for boys. At the provincial level, in the Sindh Assembly unanimously adopted the Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act , increasing the minimum age of marriage to 18 years and making child marriage a punishable offence. In Punjab, a Bill introducing harsher penalties for marriage under the age of 16 was also adopted.

However, it does not increase the age of marriage to In May a proposed Child Marriage Restraint Amendment Bill seeking to revise the legal age of marriage to 18 years for girls was moved into the Senate by Senator Shear Kamran and was passed by the standing committee. In a recent series of rulings, the Council of Islamic Ideology, a constitutional body which gives Islamic legal advice to the Pakistani Government, declared that Pakistani laws prohibiting child marriage are un-Islamic.

Consequently, the society invests far less in women than men.

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Female literacy in Pakistan is The Constitution allowed reserved seats for women in both houses of parliament for a period of 20 years, thus ensuring that women would be represented in parliament regardless of whether or not they are elected on general seats. This provision lapsed in , so parliaments elected subsequently did not have reserved seats for women.

Poverty in Pakistan

Reserved seats for women have been restored after the election of Vulnerable households are generally found to have low expenditure levels. Households are considered vulnerable if they do not have the means to smooth out their expenses in response to changes in income.

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In general, vulnerability is likely to be high in households clustered around the poverty line. Since coping strategies for vulnerable households depend primarily on their sources of income, exogenous shocks can increase reliance on non-agricultural wages. Such diversification has not occurred in many parts of Pakistan, leading to an increased dependence on credit.

While economic vulnerability is a key factor in the rise of poverty in Pakistan, vulnerability also arises from social powerlessness, political disenfranchisement, and ill-functioning and distortionary institutions, and these also are important causes of the persistence of vulnerability among the poor. Other causes of vulnerability in Pakistan are the everyday harassment by corrupt government officials, as well as their underperformance, exclusion and denial of basic rights to many in Pakistan.

Also, lack of adequate health care by the state lead the poor to seek private sources, which are expensive, but still preferable to the possibility of medical malpractice and being given expired medicines in state run medical facilities. Also, the failure by the state to provide adequate law and order in many parts of the country is a factor in the rise of vulnerability of the poor. Environmental problems in Pakistan , such as erosion, use of agro-chemicals, deforestation etc.

Increasing pollution contributes to increasing risk of toxicity, and poor industrial standards in the country contribute to rising pollution.

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  4. By the end of the s, the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country's social and economic status resources for development emerged as Pakistan's foremost developmental problem. Corruption and political instabilities such as the insurgency in Balochistan and decade long armed conflict with the Taliban in Waziristan region resulted in reduction of business confidence, deterioration of economic growth, reduced public expenditure, poor delivery of public services, and undermining of the rule of law. Pakistan has been run by military dictatorships for large periods of time, alternating with limited democracy. The onset of military regimes have contributed to non-transparency in resource allocation. Those who do not constitute the political elite are unable to make political leaders and the Government responsive to their needs or accountable to promises.

    Development priorities are determined not by potential beneficiaries but by the bureaucracy and a political elite which may or may not be in touch with the needs of the citizens. Political instability and macroeconomic imbalances have been reflected in poor creditworthiness ratings, even compared to other countries of similar income levels, with resulting capital flight and lower foreign direct investment inflows.

    The current government of Pakistan has professed commitments to reforms in this area. In addition, Pakistan's major cities and urban centres are home to an estimated 1.

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    This includes beggars and scavengers who are often very young. The law and order problem worsens their condition as boys and girls are fair game to others who would force them into stealing, scavenging and smuggling to survive. A large proportion consumes readily available solvents to starve off hunger, loneliness and fear.

    essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu Essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu
    essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu Essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu
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    essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu Essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu
    essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu Essay on poverty in pakistan in urdu

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