Essay on national integration in india

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It is a crying need of the day in India.

Essay on Importance of National Integration

It reduces socio-cultural and economic differences of inequalities and strengthens national unity and harmony, which is not imposed by any power. The strong unity bond in the national integration enables us to love together peacefully, identifying ourselves as Indians. In short, it is this feeling of oneness that constitutes the very basis of national integration.

National Integration: Role of Education System, Cinema and other Factors

There are different factors that make certain national integration in India. Territorial continuity, constitution, cultural unity, common economic problems, art, literature, national festivals, national emblem, national anthem, national flag, etc are some of them. So, after independence, national integration was one of the main tasks for political leaders. The concept became further important, as various states in India were formed in on the basis of languages.

Moreover, some of the states like Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir even started asking to become a separate country though these were an integral part of India.


If we peep into the history of ancient India, then religion played an important role in uniting the people and the nation. Two main languages, Sanskrit and Pali, had also played the same role. But with the invasion of foreign rulers, more religions and languages got added in the country leading to much greater diversification than ever.

Along with this, just for the sake of rule, differences between rich and poor, rural and urban, upper and lower had also been created. But, in spite of all this, people were one and we got Independence because of our national unity. After independence the government favored tolerance, secularism and national integration.

The constitution of India tried its best to provide equal opportunities to its entire people irrespective of caste, religion, creed, place of birth etc.

National Integration, Essay on the role of education, cinema, on integration

Hindi was made an official language of the country. In spite of all the efforts, still there is a gap and the spirit of unity is evaporating quickly. Loyalty to religion and language is more important than devotion to the motherland. The most serious threats to the national integration of India are — linguistic differences, communalism and regionalism.

Also issues like intolerance and selfishness are acting as threats to unity. How to promote national integration in India?

Essay On Factors Affecting National Integration

Sunday, June 27, Essay on National Integration. National integration is a major problem of Pakistan and it is in turmoil condition here. In our country, there are the following groups who have different aspects regarding nation building. There is a group, which thinks that provinces should be given autonomy and centre should have responsibility of co-ordination among the provinces, foreign affairs, defence and budget distribution.

The last group which includes both of the aforementioned groups to some aspects in its vision, consider India as a threat to our country and whole of the nation writes at this point against India. Pakistan has a variety of cultures lingual groups and even religions and we lost our base of two nation theory in with the separation of East Pakistan and appearance of Bangladesh as an independent state. There was a same religion in East and West Pakistan but this element could not prevent the disintegration.

Moreover, after following provincial autonomy concept, we cannot even achieve national integration too.

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As there are different cultures, lingual groups, religions and ideologies in each province. Using cross border element i. India as an element of uniting the nation against our enemy, our politicians achieved integration for a time being, but in actual, the problem remained as it is. The reason behind this core issue is our politicians, as our leaders do not have clear image on the topic.

After the independence of the country, the approaches of our political leaders toward the solution of the issue. The dictators mostly tried to suppress the nation to integrate it, but this approach made the problem more complicated. These approaches caused a war conflict in East Pakistan and we lost that part. After-wards Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, to escape from rebellion movements of different provinces for independence, declared the country as one unit. General Zia-ul-Haq used religion as an element of integration but that concept was person specific.

In the beginning the formula generated its objectives but afterwards it failed. In the period of Benazir Bhutto, Baluchistan became more sensitive regarding its integration with rest of the nation.

National integration and communal harmony essay in english

Nawaz Sharif Government has to face crisis regarding the matter and religion and Indian threat were tried to be used as bases for integration. Musharraf government also used its policies which has effect for time being. Now a days provinces autonomy is going to be appeared as a hope towards nation building. But this provincial autonomy is government specific and not public specific. As the politicians take steps to save their governments and their present.

Essay on National Integration and Communal Harmony in India

The future is also kept in mind, but this future is the personal future of the political leaders but the steps taken are not about the future of the public and future of the nation. In actual, there is no balance of power among the provinces from where this problem originates and provinces blame other provinces, specially Punjab which is the biggest province on the basis of population.

From the days of independence, Muhajirs in Sindh gained business power and Punjabis gained political power. Anyone who have not any of these powers were left for behind.

Therefore Punjab became the leading province in policy making and the politicians of other three provinces used their people against Punjab to raise their voices for the sake of their rights. Such kind of movements did not benefit the general public but their leaders gained a lot from it. Sindh consider Punjab as a thief of their water.

essay on national integration in india Essay on national integration in india
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essay on national integration in india Essay on national integration in india
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