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An adapted alternating treatments design was used to evaluate the effect of context on the acquisition of intraverbals for three young children with autism spectrum disorder ASD when utilizing instructive feedback IF. Tuso, Jillian University of Oregon , Children with developmental disabilities often present with increased behavioral problems and a decreased social skill repertoire. Yim-Dockery, Huna University of Oregon , Parents of children with developmental disabilities DD often face much greater challenges with their caregiving demands, which often increase across time as the level of associated child problem behavior stabilizes and Santiago, Rachel University of Oregon , This may be particularly important for children with autism Rosencrans, Margaret University of Oregon , Kucheria, Priya University of Oregon , An extensive body of literature supports the clinical utility and feasibility of client-centric goal-setting techniques in neurorehabilitation.

However, such techniques are seldom used and difficult to adopt in mainstream Kim, Jerin University of Oregon , Structural equation modeling was applied to test the associations between the TFI and student outcomes. First, a total of Alresheed, Fahad University of Oregon , High prevalence of individuals with autism spectrum disorder ASD and the legislation movement impacted the placement of students with ASD in general education settings.

Hence, the increase raised the need to conduct Bastable, Eoin University of Oregon , In response, schools are seeking out approaches to reduce racial disciplinary Supervisor: Dr. Seth Agbo. Martha Moon Lakehead University, Paul Berger. Jennifer Rowsell. Kimberly Radersma Brock University, Dolana Mogadime. Jody Rebek Lakehead University, Trevor Norris. Sara Shahbazi University of Windsor, Geri Salinitri.

Justin Teeuwen University of Windsor, George Zhou. Paola Borin Brock University, Louis Volante. Sharon Abbey. Denise Armstrong. Julia Colella University of Windsor, Terry Sefton. James Czank Lakehead University, Juanita Ross Epp. Boguslawa Gatarek University of Windsor, Dragana Martinovic. Erika Kustra.

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Frank Nezavdal Brock University, Melissa Oskineegish Lakehead University, Anouchka Plumb University of Windsor, Christopher J. Alexa Scully Lakehead University, Julien Kitchen. Michelle McGinn. Shijing Xu. While students may have presented parts of their dissertation topic at a conference or prepared chapters for submission, perceiving it as one cohesive document can become overwhelming without some form of organization, be it for the references or the document itself. The underlying assumption is that once the student is able to get successful results, the student will be able to write up the results quickly and turn in a comprehensible document in the form of a publishable paper or doctoral dissertation.

The challenge of writing itself is rarely considered a hindrance to getting results.

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  5. Nonetheless, students in the DH provide feedback about the writing process and the lack of time to write. Several students discuss the benefits of getting time away from the lab to concentrate on writing. Responses to the question concerning whether the DH was a good use of funding echoed many of the positive benefits that have already been discussed earlier. There were no specific suggestions on better use of the funding; however; the main theme emerging to justify the use of funding is that DH helps students complete the degree.

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    The outcome of ensuring all PhD students that participated in the program will complete their dissertation is priceless. I know I can get that PhD!! I strongly recommend Diss House to everyone! I even flew mile and paid a lot of money to be here, flight, hotel, rent-a-car, food etc and it was absolutely worth it. Information on what students think could reduce their time to degree provides the staff with new ideas that can be incorporated into future DHs. Some students wanted the same services offered at the department level Golde, , and others wanted more of the program, from extended time each day to offering the program on a more frequent basis.

    We have since provided the opportunity for students who want to stay in the room after the mentored program ends at pm.

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    We found that students established social and collegial networks that extend beyond the 4 days of the DH. Small groups of three to four students often continue to meet regularly on their own, on or off campus to work on their dissertations until completion. The challenges that students face in completing the dissertation often extend beyond department and disciplinary boundaries.

    Whereas the CCM introduced doctoral dissertation supervision in a collaborative-learning environment with several faculty mentors in a single non-STEM discipline, the DHM extends this model across several disciplines by introducing a model of doctoral dissertation supervision that involves an external dissertation coach and multiple mentors.

    Unlike the CCM, this multidisciplinary approach of doctoral dissertation supervision preserves the traditional master—apprentice relationship between faculty and students within academic departments while providing an additional support mechanism through interdisciplinary collaborative cohorts. Social isolation is common at the dissertation-writing stage Golde, ; Burnett, ; Lovitts, ; Ali and Kohun, However, for underrepresented students working in laboratories, social isolation might be the norm for their entire graduate careers.

    Moreover, the ongoing support of the dissertation coach and the online DH website blog help to reduce the sense of isolation well after the DH event ends.

    Given a dearth of scholarship on both PhD completion at the dissertation phase and the lack of rigorous evaluation of programs designed to enhance STEM education for URM doctoral students who are at the dissertation phase, this article seeks to provide some insights into the potential for mixed-methods approaches. The study described here provides support for the DHM as an effective intervention that combines one-to-one doctoral dissertation supervision with an interdisciplinary support learning community for students from underrepresented groups.

    Second, growing concerns about constrained resources and the lack of empirical evidence to justify institutional support to sustain some policies and practices in higher education that might have been established with grant funding require a mixed-methods approach. This approach provides researchers with a wider array of analytical tools for conducting comparison studies with observational data.

    Whereas the results of propensity score analysis indicate that those who attended the DH had higher rates of graduation, the qualitative results provide further support for the effectiveness of the DHM, the value that students place on the DH experience, and the impact it has on both their progression and satisfaction. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Wendy Y. Renetta G. Janet C. Lenisa N. Pat Marsteller, Monitoring Editor.


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    Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Carter-Veale ude. This article is distributed by The American Society for Cell Biology under license from the author s. It is available to the public under an Attribution—Noncommercial—Share Alike 3. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The problem of PhD attrition, especially at the dissertation-writing stage, is not solely related to mentoring, departments, or disciplines; it is a problem that affects the entire institution. Eligibility The DH is free and open to graduate students from all disciplines.

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    Selection Process Up to 18 students are selected to participate in each DH. Study 1: Retention and Graduation Study 1 addresses the primary research question as to whether an intervention such as the DH was able to meet its main objective of helping students persist until they received their PhDs. Table 1. Open in a separate window. Table 2. Study 2: Student Qualitative Perspectives on Social Support and Coping Assistance To understand the role of social support in completing a doctoral degree, the authors culled information from open-ended questions on evaluations completed by students who participated in the DH program.

    Table 3. Gender Other 4 1. Year in program Q. Supplementary Material Supplemental Materials: Click here to view. Pretoria: Dealing with isolation feelings in doctoral programs. Int J Doc Stud. Dealing with social isolation to minimize doctoral attrition—a four stage framework. An introduction to propensity score methods for reducing the effects of confounding in observational studies. Multivar Behav Res. Cohorts in educational leadership programs: benefits, difficulties, and the potential for developing school leaders. Educ Admin Quart. Cohort-based doctoral programs: what we have learned over the last 18 years.

    In Pursuit of the Ph. The supervision of doctoral dissertations using a collaborative cohort model. Couns Educ Super. Washington, DC: Educ Res Q. Strategies to Approximate Random Sampling and Assignment. New York: Oxford University Press; Writing the doctoral dissertation: a systematic approach. Decision Line 19— Excellence in doctoral education: defining best practices.

    Coll Stud J. Beginning graduate school: explaining first-year doctoral attrition. New Dir High Educ.

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    The role of the department and discipline in doctoral student attrition: lessons from four departments. J High Educ. Cohort as Community, Community as Context. From turtles to tweets: a successful doctoral cohort reports on the development of within-group altruism. InSight: Rivier Acad J.

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