Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013

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Assessment is on either formal examination or coursework, or a mixture of the two. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation Ofqual is the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. In January , Education secretary Michael Gove announced plans to introduce changes to A-level structure, including the development of new AS levels as standalone qualifications.

Until , A-Level exams were graded only as a pass or fail, at which point a "distinction" grade was introduced. In , a five grade scheme was introduced, with quotas for the allocation of grades: 10 per cent of candidates would receive an A grade, 15 per cent a B, 10 per cent a C, 15 per cent a D, 20 per cent an E, and a further 20 per cent would receive an O Level pass. This arrangement persisted until the s, with ongoing concern being voiced about the narrowness of many grade boundaries brought about by the quota system: in , some subjects saw a B and a D separated by a margin of just 8 marks.

Throughout the s and early s, a campaign to switch the system to a mark-boundary grading system was waged, which was finally successful in The O-Level pass grade was dropped this year, and replaced by the considerably narrower "N" grade, which signified a "near miss".

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AS was intended as a qualification of equal difficulty to A Level, taken at 18, but with half the content and as such half the "value" for university admissions purposes. However, AS never really took off, a situation acknowledged in the Dearing Report, which proposed the current Advanced Subsidiary and A2 system. In , the Government published the outcome of its "Curriculum " review programme, proposing a substantial overhaul of the existing A-Level system.

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In order to address concerns about the breadth of the curriculum, a new modular approach was introduced under which most students study four subjects with three "assessment units" each in their first year of study. Completion of this AS stage can be a qualification in its own right, or else it constitutes 50 per cent of the marks towards the full A-Level. A2 units, undertaken in the second year of study, reflect the harder elements of the old A-Level syllabuses and contribute the remaining 50 per cent of the marks.

In March , Education Secretary Michael Gove wrote to Ofqual outlining his concerns about the structure of A levels and proposed certain changes. Ofqual launched a consultation in the summer on the structure and assessment arrangements of A-levels. Subsequently, in January , Mr Gove outlined future changes to be made to A-level structure, including the development of new AS levels as a standalone qualification.

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He also confirmed that leading universities to be more closely involved in developing the content of new A levels, beginning with the subjects most commonly required for undergraduate study. The Education Secretary said he expected that the first new A levels in facilitating subjects would be developed in time for Ofqual to accredit them so that they are ready for first teaching in September A-Levels have, since the s, been held up as representing the "gold standard" of school educational attainment.

As with GCSEs, continually rising pass rates - topping 95 per cent in for the first time - have led to claims that that gold standard has been devalued and that courses are becoming easier. It is also alleged in many quarters, that some courses are clearly easier than others, and that this has led to a migration of students away from "difficult" subjects, such as mathematics, physics and modern languages, towards subjects that are perceived as easier.

Official figures certainly show a trend of fewer candidates taking those courses that are regarded as "harder".

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To develop an interest in the richness of all areas of media output. To give pupils experience of a wide range of media texts. To provoke and stimulate a sense of personal and social awareness and an ability to empathise with others.

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To encourage pupils to be both self-critical and aware of the media in the wider context. To make pupils aware that skills developed in Media Studies have a vital contribution to make their work across the whole curriculum and to life outside school, including the workplace. Material for the examination will be released one month before exam.

Students have to undertake a number of units for which they present evidence based on actual work and studies. Gilroy: black British identity. The Voice newspaper was formed in to create a voice for the black British community. This tension helps to create the diasporic identity but often comes with negative experiences such as exclusion and marginalisation. The BBC found itself embroiled in a controversy regarding BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty's response to Donald Trump suggesting congresswomen should 'go home' to the countries in which they or their parents were born.

Extract 1: Paul Gilroy - blog task. Sunday, October 13, Coursework: Pre-production - Shot list.

Year 12 AQA Media Studies Coursework

The final aspect of your pre-production planning is to write a comprehensive shot list for every single possible shot we plan to film for our TV drama trailer. A shot list is a full list of all the shots in your trailer with detailed information for each of them shot type, action etc. Creating a shot list is essentially like creating a shooting gameplan for the day. Here's our friend Darius with a reminder of the different shot types and angles: Here are some top tips for writing a shot list These additional shots are often close-ups, cutaways, alternative angles or similar.

We advise using a simple table on Microsoft Word to set out your shot list - you can find an example here. It makes sense to write your shot list by scene or location rather than a huge list of every shot in the trailer in chronological order. It's also important to remember that trailers require a range of shots from the whole TV drama series - so make sure your shot list reflects this. Finally, although trailers are very difficult to create, there is some good news: there will almost always be a series of fast-paced shots towards the end of the trailer that get across the drama and emotion of the show.

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Make sure you plan these in your shot list! These often don't require context or dialogue - just something dramatic, emotional or visually striking. Plan it in! Once complete, post the shot list to your Media 2 coursework blog. Optional pre-production: Storyboard Hollywood filmmakers will also storyboard every shot they plan to film. They use storyboard artists to create a visual representation of the shots they wish to film - and use it to communicate a visual plan to the film crew.

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If you work well visually or are artistic you may wish to create storyboards for key shots in your trailer. If so, storyboard sheets are available in DF07 or online here. Coursework: Pre-production - Mise-en-scene. Create a Mise-en-scene blogpost planning everything that will appear in front of the camera in your two-minute film trailer. Costume What will your characters wear? What is the costume supposed to communicate to the audience? How does this link to your Statement of Intent in terms of creating representations? Lighting How will you light your trailer? Day or night?

aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
aqa media studies a level coursework 2013 Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013
Aqa media studies a level coursework 2013

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